Water Lens is currently supported by the Austin Technology Incubator at The University of Texas at Austin. This extensive relationship with the university has aided Water Lens by connecting us with excellent advisors, detailed resources, and investors in the area of clean energy.

About ATI

ATI focuses on helping startups compete successfully in the capital markets.  They don’t write checks.  But have strong, long-term, trust-based relationships with investors—the local angel investors community, local and national venture capital firms, and sources of public funding.  ATI matches the right people to the right problems at the right companies.

For three consecutive years, Water Lens has sponsored graduate entrepreneurship students through a joint program between Innovation Norway and Rice University.  Each spring, students intern with Water Lens and other Houston startups in order to learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and how to start and build a business. This program gives students the right amount of experience on how to be an entrepreneur and provides them with a first-look at the challenges an entrepreneur encounters in everyday life.

Our interns have contributed greatly in the years we have participated in this program.  This year we welcome two more brilliant students, Oyvind Rein and May Lisbeth Flo. We are happy, not only to have them with us, but to contribute to their knowledge. Prior interns were:  Heidi Thomassen, Kremena Tosheva, Espen Hansen, Julian Ruud, and Gina Sjursen who each did an amazing job!