Our Solution

Water Lens™ is a patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and drilling fluids that can be performed at the well site. Using systems adapted from biotechnology platforms, Water Lens saves tremendous time in the field by providing lab‐quality analyses of water and other fluids through a field unit, without the need for beakers, tubes, and solutions. Using this technology, the end‐user can rapidly screen source, flowback, and produced water for contaminants and quantify their concentrations.  All of that can be done in the back of your pick up truck! Similarly, Water Lens can quickly and easily detect contaminants and changes in drilling fluids.


The Water Lens platform is a next‐generation innovation in detection chemistry based on the pioneering research of Dr. Eric Anslyn, the Norman Hackerman Chemistry Chair at The University of Texas.  The Water Lens system uses 96 well plate trays that are a standard in the biotech industry and a portable reader.

While Water Lens will take the place of traditional offsite laboratory testing for determining the content of flowback and produced water for disposal or reuse purposes, it will also ensure high‐quality stimulation and drilling procedures by determining the levels of interfering chemicals that can perturb a fluid’s performance. Therefore, the end‐user can screen for aberrations or trouble before it begins.  Given the importance of chemicals to any treatment, the Water Lens system can be used for field QA/QC screening and to alert operators to out-of-specification components (e.g., borate,  sulfate, iron, barium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, HtiS, biocides, chlorides, gelling agents, and carbonates) and increase production.