Water Lens Boron Test

he Water Lens - BORON is the fastest and easiest way to get lab-accurate boron concentration results in the field.  Boric acid is extensively used for the cross-linking of guar and its derivatives for the delivery of proppants to the fractures.  Given the imperative for precision of the rates of the reactions, excess boron can interfere with the timing of cross-linking reactions directly or indirectly through undesired buffering conditions.  This innovative tool revolutionizes the cross-linked gel frac process by:  (1) giving operators and service companies the confidence that they are maintaining optimal chemistry to deliver proppant to the fractures as designed; and (2) enabling on-site personnel to quickly assess issues if the gel chemistry is not performing as desired; greatly minimizing down time.

Water samples change composition during transportation from the well (or other source location) to the lab.  Time, exposure to light and oxygen, and changes in temperature cause analytes to fall out of the water and microbes to form (and consume analytes) – they unpredictably and permanently change the water sample.  While lab tests are the current gold standard for accuracy, they can only provide data as good as the samples provided and the technicians operating the machines.  Likewise, portable lab solutions are highly error-prone, slow, cumbersome, require a tremendous amount of training, and (in some cases) pose a safety hazard.

Water Lens is truly easy to work with because users are not required to mix, create solutions, time reactions or take readings.  Water Lens disposable trays come pre-loaded with our patented detection chemistry.  Simply add the fluid sample to a disposable Water Lens tray and place it in the supplied reader to get quantitative data that can be output as a spreadsheet, a PDF or in a format compatible with a production data management system.  Results from Water Lens are measured objectively and quantitatively in minutes, without room for human error.  Water Lens Boron can accurately measure concentrations from 5 to 500 parts-per-million. The Water Lens system is also self-calibrating and can be operated by the average oilfield worker – No training necessary! 

The days of “pump and pray” are finally over!  Become unbounded from the constraints, hassles, and delays of expensive off-site testing labs and cumbersome, slow, and inaccurate chemistry kits by joining the Water Lens revolution!