Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do I need to performing the test?

Wear safety goggles and disposable latex gloves at all times. Follow the safety requirements of the working area you are in.


What is the proper dilution that I need?

Most common dilution for boron is 3:1 by drawing up 8 mL of distilled water and 4 mL of produced water.

Dilution does depend on what reagents you are testing. Please see own label for instructions.

Troubleshooting the test:

1. Drawing up water into the syringe  

Make sure to add enough water into the syringe. See markings. Avoid air bubles.


2. Shift out pipetting reservoir 

Through away each disposal pipetting reservoir after use and make sure you use a brand new one when mixing new waters from different sources.


3. Adding frac water to syringe  

Make sure to add sufficient amount of frac water. 


4. To get a good blend of frac water and destilled water in the syringe slightly draw some air to form an airbubble and tilt the syringe back and forth in order to mix the liquids.


5. Put on the filter

Make sure you screw the syringe filter tight.


6. Drawing up water

In order to draw up water from the pipetting reservoir using the provided pipett you will have to depress the plunger to the first stop level (soft stop) and then insert the tips of the pipett into the water to then release the plunger. Make sure you do not touch the bottom of the reservoir with the pipett tips.


7. Peel off the protection cap on the 8 well strips carefully.

While removing the 8 well test strips from their original packaging and inserting them into the 96 well plate tray be sure you do not to touch the bottom since that will interfere with the test results.

Fill the strips inserted in the well plate starting from the left and moving towards the right.


8. Insert liquid in the test strip

Make sure the pipette tips do not touch the surface of the strips when squirting the water into the 8 well strips . Push the pipett to its second last stop in order to release the liquid into the test strip.   


9. Let it dissolve.

How long must I wait for the solution to completely dissolve? 

At least 60 seconds.

In case you are not sure if the liquid has dissolved properly lift the tray carefully into the light to see if the powder has turned completely into liquid.

Air bobles in the water might disturb the quality of the results so make sure you squirt the liquid onto the 8 well strips in a steady paste. To remove airbubles gently shake the 96 well plate, but be carefull not to spill.


10. Put the tray into reader 

The test blanks of the strips should be placed/located downwards, towards the TECAN logo, direction of the green light on the reader.


11. Start the test (run the program). 

Make sure the USB cable and the power cord are not loose and that the light on the reader is green. If that is not the case check the on-off swich in the back of the reader.

If you still have problems or other questions related to the Water Lens System you can use the contact form or call us on (713) 960-6620 during business hours.