John Ely,

Investor and HYdraulic Fracturing Expert 

John Ely is widely regarded as the world’s authority on hydraulic fracturing. John firmly believes that our technology will change the industry and quickly saw its benefits. He is an advisor and also the first investor. 

In May 1991, John with three partners founded Ely and Associates, Inc. This company is dedicated to providing a blend of practical and technical expertise on well completion, stimulation fluids and equipment, and reservoir analysis. John holds several patents and has numerous publications, including a book titled "Stimulation Treatment Handbook/ An Engineer's Guide to Quality Control." He is also a contributing author to the SPE monograph on hydraulic fracturing, writing the chapter on hydraulic fracturing fluids and fracture fluid selection. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, The Society of Petroleum Engineers, and is a fellow of the American Institute of Chemistry.