Ron Melnyk

Upstream Oil Executive and M&A Expert

Ron Melnyk is a Managing Partner of Six Pines Capital, an M&A, strategy and technology advisory firm located in The Woodlands, Texas. Mr. Melnyk is also a Co-founder of NexVidea Inc., a communications technology company. Previously, he served as VP Corporate Development for Dover Energy from 2011 through 2015; from 2002 through 2011, he was with Occidental Petroleum, serving in various leadership and senior management roles in operations and engineering, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Melnyk was also the COO and Co-Founder of Consonus Inc. a software services company based in Portland, Oregon. From 1978 through 1999, Mr. Melnyk was employed in a variety of positions by Schlumberger Oilfied Services and its affiliates.